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A New Clear Case For The G1 – It’s HOT

Since the most popular post on this entire blog (traffic wise) is the the one we did early on about G1 cases, I figured that you might like to know about the new hard plastic clear case for the G1 phone that everyone is raving about (click the image for more info).

The clear case for the G1 is definitely something I’m going to order (as I was typing this, I ordered two of them – perhaps one for a give-away?), as it looks like it’s a very solid protective container for your phone. The one thing I’m a bit concerned about are the bottom keys on the phone (home, back, end/power) and the trackball. It appears that the case surrounds them pretty well, and although I’m sure they’re still just as usable, it may take some getting used to before you’re totally comfortable.

But I have a deadly combination that in theory will offer the ultimate level of protection for your precious G1 phone – order a PhantomSkinz pack (you get 2 for 1), apply it, and then use the clear plastic case on top of it.

That’s like maximum security for your phone, and you can thank me later.

Anyone have this case yet? If so, we would love to hear your thoughts on it below in the comments!

Also, stay tuned, as I’ll probably give my second one away to one of our nice readers :)

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  • peggy said:

    I’ve been looking for a cover for my G1 but am very skeptical about what to get.. So you think this is a good thing and wont scratch up my phone putting it on and taking it off the G1 ????

  • jay said:

    I really don’t like clear cases because after a couple of months of use they become hazy and makes the phone unattractive. Let me know how this one works for you and maybe ill buy one or you could just give me your extra1 ;-)

  • kiefer said:

    Weeee I saw this in the store and thought about it but didn’t know if it would be worth it, I hate that it will make it ugly but well worth it if your going out somewhere that you might need it. I actually thought about getting the clear stick on skins but they cost even more, I might invest in the skins but probaby won’t, if your doing a giveaway I would love to try it out so let us know what your doing and please tell uss how you like thanks, kiefer.

  • Mark B said:

    I have this in Black and am not using it any longer. makes the phone too bulky. the clip that you use for your belt with this sucks and there is no other way to case it with this hunk of plastic on it.

  • Aleks said:

    Hi. I work in a cellphone store and when we got these cases they came in clear and black. As soon as a client asked me to put it on I noticed how difficult it is and there’s too much friction, the plastic scratches agains g1′s plastic and leaves ur phone bruesed up… finally the menu buttons are very hard to use.

    2nd as a cell phone technician I repair cellphones and its a fact that the plastic won’t protect ur g1 from physical damager as its very hard…. the only thing that gives a lil protection is gell cases or gell skins…
    There is none for g1. And rarely make them for slide out phones. But I’ve seen ones. For sidekicks where it protects the body but not the screen.


  • overlyhappy said:

    teehee ;3 I like it…works great for me…protects from straches…if hard plastic doesnt protect ur phone, maybe u should stop throwing ur phone around ike a football

  • Reemdog said:

    I like the rubberized rugged body glove case myself. It really give the phone a more manliness.

  • banksjec said:

    I have the clear case and it is wonderful. First of all, the case is pretty easy to put on and take off. Second, it doesn’t scratch the phone. I’ve made the mistake of dropping my phone once and I can tell you this: the case works wonders!!!!! No scratches, no dents!!!!! I highly recommend this case to any G1 owners.

  • scuzz said:

    I bought the clear plastic protective skin (not case) from and that was either the entire phone or just the screen. I bought the whole body protector and after fiddling with the application of the damn thing I found it did the job, but on the corners of the phone there were edges of the protector that were starting to turn blue because of my jeans. Then entire phone then took on a light blue colour (I had the white G1), eventually the edges started to look like they were going black with fluff and dirt so I took everything off except for the screen protector. Thats the one thing I dont want to get scratched so dont even bother with cumbersome cases!

  • Alan said:

    I have the clear and the smokey version of this case and I love them both. I have bought them from and they’re only about 8 dollars a piece and come with a screen protector. Seriously great product. Makes the phone a little more bulky and Menu button is “kinda” hard to reach.. nothing to really complain about but protection is key. The entire case fits very snug on the phone. If your looking for protections this is it.

  • Maddie said:

    the one from tmobile does not look like that…it doesnt cover the buttons so theres no “getting use to it”
    the coolest feature is the tabs in the back that act a salmost kickstand for watching videos. I love mine it has definetly saved me. One flaw is the bottom piece has trouble locking sometimes and if its not locked in it will fall off ..alot and get lost ..frequently..

  • Manny said:

    Fixed thanks

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